Top 5 Gaming Computers

Top 5 Gaming Computers

Thinking of purchasing a new desktop for gaming, or just want to upgrade your current desktop PC which can’t handle top notch PC games?


If so, and you’re looking for some buyer’s guide and reviews of best gaming desktop gaming PCs, this is the post you might want to read thoroughly. Because in this list, we are going to reveal our top 5 favorite gaming computers.

So, let’s dive in right now.


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There’s more than countless reasons why we featured ALIENWARE AURORA at first place. One of the best things that I liked about this desktop PC is that it already has different processors, RAMs, SSD and more. But the fact is, in future, you’ll be able to replace them with the new ones just by few tweaking inside the desktop.


There are ton of PCs out there who have the ability to handle virtual reality, but nothing seems to be more handy than ASUS ROG G20CB. It has 16GB build-in RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 & 512Gb SSD. Sure, it’s price seems to be massive crazy, but it’s worth going, specially if you’re hard core gamer.


If you’re afraid of seeing your desktop’s tools as smashes, or simply you’re looking for something that you never saw in your office, this desktop PC is something you should have purchased, even a while back. The price of this Desktop is at mid range, which can be bought by almost everyone. You can get it just at the rate of $999 only. It has 8GB fast RAM, GTX 970 which can also handle almost every games at a decent FPS, and finally, 1Tb hard drive, which is quite vital for almost every gamers.


Wedding console-like comfort with VR-prepared power, the MSI Trident is well meriting a spot in your lounge room. This smooth framework gives the PS4 and Xbox One some genuine rivalry in the looks office, while its Intel Core i7 processor and Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU guarantee that you’ll have the capacity to appreciate immersive virtual reality from the lounge chair. What’s more, in case you’re the sort to head out every now and again to LAN occasions, the Trident is more than sufficiently light for a knapsack.

Zotac Magnus EN1060

With the original thought of the Steam Machine everything except expired now, the Zotac Magnus EN1060 fills in as a kind of successor to the Zotac NEN Steam Machine of yesteryear. Not at all like its Valve-controlled antecedent, be that as it may, the EN1060 is more barebones. There’s no installed stockpiling or RAM, which means there is some get together required. On the off chance that you can move beyond, there’s a persuading small scale PC arrangement to be had, regardless of the possibility that it is fragmented out of the case. For one thing, the consideration of a GTX 1060 – albeit disillusioning that it can’t be moved up to something better down the line – is VR-prepared and prepared to last. That abandons specifying the quiet execution and endless cluster of ports, which are simply a special reward.