Tips on Choosing the Right Power Bank for Your Smartphone

power banks

Smartphones and tablets have become a necessary tool in our daily lives. It is something that you need it to be with you 24×7.

You may be able to survive without a glass of water for a few hours, probably stay away from food for some time and skip a meal but staying away from phones and tablets is impossible.

You need to hold them, feel them and use them to stay connected to the world. What if your phone’s battery gives up on you? What would you do then?

That is why you need to purchase a power bank so that a situation like this does not arise.

Power banks or Battery bank as they are also referred to as, are a necessary accessory to carry along with your devices as it allows you to charge your gadgets on the go.

They act like an extra set of batteries for your power hungry smartphones and other battery operated devices.

Features to look for in a Power Bank

Look for these aspects in your power bank.

  • mAh Rating: mAh or milliamp hour rating is the capacity of the battery to stare a charge. The battery storage capacity of small phones and tablets are denoted by mAh whereas larger batteries such as car batteries the storage capacity is denominated by Ah or amp hour.
    Select a power bank that offers the maximum mAh in your budget as this directly translates to the number of times it can charge your device. If you have a 3500 mAh phone battery, then a 10,000-mAh power bank can charge your phone around two and half times.Also, you should calculate and account for a small leeway of around 5 – 10% of the rated capacity. As every battery has a threshold limit below which dispensing any further charge would damage it and little charge is lost as a wastage.


  • USB Charging: Verify the Volt and Amp rating on your power bank. The amps rating on your power bank translates into a rate of flow of charge from your power bank to the phone. Whereas voltage is the pressure, at which the amps will flow out. Simply put, a battery bank with a 5V and 2.2-amp rating is better than a battery bank of 3V and 1.5 amp rating.
    Choose a power bank that has a higher voltage and amp rating. There are chargers available, which have a dual charge option where in you can charge two devices simultaneously. Consider a situation where you would want need to charge your tablet to work on a presentation and at the same time charge your phones so that your battery does not die on you and you miss on important notifications.Also, check the charge and discharge cycles of the power bank. A power bank with 500 charge and discharge cycle should easily last one year.


  • Price and Quality: Power banks these days, are normally manufactured with an all-metal body with a brushed look finish and plastic on the front and back where the USB ports are laid out. Although it adds to the weight of a power bank with a metal body is more durable. When purchasing online, verify the quality of the product by observing the product images, with special focus on the edges.
    You can get a decent quality 10,000 mAh power bank at around $10-$11 dollars, whereas, 20,000 mAh power banks retail at $15-$20 depending on the quality.


  • Portability: The whole idea of purchasing a power bank is that it acts as a small and sleek power source for charging your devices. Even a car battery can charge your device however; you cannot carry it around, right? Which is why you need to check the dimensions of your power bank to see if it suits your needs?
    If you intend to carry your power bank around in your pocket then pick a sleek power bank that is around 10-11 mm in thickness. Whereas if you have a bag with you then you should not emphasize much on the product dimensions and concentrate on the other features of the product like the quality, the mAh rating, etc.


To recap look for mAh rating, the charge volt and amps, verify the quality, and the dimensions of the product that you are going to buy.

It is advisable that you purchase a power bank that is from a known manufacturer and is a brand that you trust, even it if costs a little extra.You can find more information related to the topic on

You can find more information related to the topic on choosing the best power banks online.

There are many fake options available online which do not last more than three or six months.

Check the product pictures with an observant eye and refer the reviews section to help you decide on the product that would suit your requirements.