What You Need To Know about Keyless Door Locks

Keyless Door Locks

We have all experienced at one point the hassle of sifting through our bags trying to find our keys and trying to shoot the key into the keyhole when it’s dark. The answer to this dilemma? Keyless door locks. They’re reliable, inexpensive, and installing them is a breeze.

Keyless Door Locks and Keyless Car Entry

Keyless entry locks were first launched specifically for cars. As people become more concerned about home security, keyless door locks have been developed and are now available for homes, offices, and other kinds of buildings that need secured doors.

There are mechanical locks and electronic locks that use a small battery-operated motor, and biometric locks that use actual fingerprints and/or a number pad just like those that you see in some high-tech movies.

You can also choose one for your home or office from the online portals. But before making the final choice, you should go through the best keyless door lock reviews.

Keyless Lock Installation

Installing keyless locks is relatively simple. All you need is basic mechanical skills and a few simple tools to install your new lock. Generally, the actual installation takes less than an hour. According to most keyless door lock manufacturers, there aren’t any wires to install. These go best with a basic 1 3/8 to 1 ¾ inches thick entry door.

What to Be Aware Of

One disadvantage, Alsocheckaccording to some users, is the difficulty in changing their door lock code. Some locks need to be physically removed from the door for changes to take effect. This may prove inconvenient when the need arises to change your door lock code. So, prior to choosing a keyless door lock, make sure that you read the information that goes with it so that you won’t end up with one that needs to be fully uninstalled just to change tAlso check if your choice of lockset requires batteries. The keyless door locks manufacturers usually indicate the battery lifespan along with the packaging. Ideally, they can last for 2 to 3 years of operation.

Other door locks re-lock automatically after you step through the door. This is perfect for areas that need high security, like storage rooms or vaults. However, it can be inconvenient to use areas that have a lot of foot traffic or a frequently used room as it requires you to enter the code every time a person passes through. The keyless door lock you want should be one that will activate only when prompted.

There are keyless door locks that have latch-style or are the deadbolt models. Your lockset choice will depend on the type of door where you want to install it. In addition, various keyless door locks support a key operation, allowing you to open the door with a key if the need for it arises.

There are keyless door lock models that allow you to change the key codes as frequently as you wish. Fingerprint or biometric locks can store many fingerprints in their memory for multiple users, as in office entrances. Some can store up to 100 fingerprints depending on the memory capacity of each lock.

Keyless door locks range anywhere from a simple $89 electronic lock to an $849 state-of-the-art biometric lock. Various good quality home security locksets range from $200 to $300.

It’s a good idea to shop around at your local stores or online portals first and compare each before making a final choice, taking note of your door requirements.

Different Types of Locksets

Fingerprint or biometric locks are preferred by the majority. You don’t need cards, codes, or pins to enter your home, which is excellent to prevent intruders from entering since a scan of your fingerprint is required to unlock it. As mentioned above, you can store the fingerprints of all the people living in your house in the lock’s memory, making it the safest form of lock since each fingerprint is unique to each person. Only the prints already stored in your lock’s memory can be recognized, preventing unregistered persons from entering.

A remote-controlled keyless lock is also a common type of keyless door lock. Typically, they use a deadbolt, which can be unlocked with a push of a button. The remote controls resemble the key fob for a keyless car entry system. Usually, the system has two remote controls, but more can be added depending on how many people need access. As with all remote-controlled devices, these will only work within a specified distance. It also makes entering the building easier when your arms are otherwise occupied.

A third popular type of keyless door locks is that of the keypad or touchpad. These are installed on or beside the door. A pin or code must be entered to unlock it. These models allow for multiple pin numbers to be saved for easy memorization for each pin holder. Usually, these are waterproof and “outdoor elements” resistant. It gives out a warning when its battery reaches a low level. Some of these also have a key operation override function.

Traditional forms of security are not so secure anymore. Many people have learned how to pick traditional locks. Thus, keyless door locks are gaining more popularity because of their ease of use, high level of security and affordability. Remember to choose your keyless lock well according to your needs.