New vs Old Servers

New vs Old Servers

With all the advances in technology you may be tempted to believe that everything built more than a couple years ago is out of date. In this article, I’m going to compare the specs of a couple very similar servers that you can purchase new or used.

For this example, I’ve chosen to look at Hewlett Packard’s DL380 for no reason other than it was pretty easy to find the information I needed. We compare a new Gen9 version with a Gen7 from just a few years ago (2013) to see how much bang you get for your buck.


Price and Specifications of the New Server

First up We will talk about the new server and the parts that it comes with directly from HPE. The new DL380 Gen9  server listed on the HP website is available for $1,929.00. This will come with a storage controller, a single Xeon E5-2609 v3(6 core, 1.9 Ghz, 15 MB, 85W) processor, and one stick of 8GB RDIMM. The Memory would be HPE 2400 MHZ DDR$ SmartMemory.

I didn’t see any mention about the hard drive it would come with or any other parts. I would assume there at least be some storage unit that it would be shipped with.


Price and Specifications of the Used Server

Next let’s take a look at the used or refurbished server. The used DL380 Gen7 server listed on Cloud Ninjas website is available for $801.99. This will come with a 1TB Hard Drive, dual X5670 2.93 Ghz Hex Core (6 core. 2.93 Ghz, 12MB, 95W), dual power supplies.

While you’re not getting the latest technology when you get used servers, you can use the money saved to make them much more powerful than what you’d get new for the same price.


How much can I upgrade used servers cheaper than the new servers?

You can add 4TB hard drives and 18 8GB sticks of PC3-10600 for a total of 144GB of RAM. The cost of 144GB of DDR4 would be more than the price of a server. While I haven’t gone out and purchased both of these to do performance testing, it is pretty clear by looking at the performance statistics that buying a used server that’s upgraded will give you a huge performance boost over buying a new server.


What Issues could Used Servers have?

Used servers could definitely have problems if they were not checked out. That is why I would recommend a reputable reseller like Cloud Ninjas. Their servers are refurbished which means every component has been gone through and tested and where faults or poor performance is found replaced. So you’re not getting a worn out machine, but a rebuilt machine ready to perform for years to come. Every stick of used server memory, every hard drive, every CPU has been gone over to be absolutely sure nothing will fail before its time.


They also have a free 1 year warranty on all of their used servers and server spare parts. With a new HP server you would get a 3 year warranty.